Welcome to Yeetscape
The most #BULLISH Crypto Video Game to Date!
YeetScape is a FREE TO PLAY religious MMORPG crypto-tribute to PvP and the gods Jagex has introduced us to throughout our long journeys. Upon initial release, it will be available on PC, Mac, and Linux. An iPad and mobile version are already in production. Whether through in-game content, or content creation on social media platforms, YeetScape is set to be the leader of the crypto-gaming industry entering 2021. Buy some $YEET with $ETH, Trade that $YEET for $WILDY, claim your $WILDY in game!
Buy some $YEET with $ETH, Trade that $YEET for $WILDY, claim your $WILDY in game!


Sometimes our YEETed Builds just aren't enough. If you desire seasonal cosmetic rarities or items which will turn you into Rambo, put your $WILDY where your mouth is and head on over to our $WILDY store to claim exclusive items. While some items may always be available, other items will be incredibly scarce and may only be eventually found within the game. Unlike gold pieces which can endlessly be “minted” into a game, $WILDY has a total supply of 69,420,666 which will exist by the end of the “minting” process. The price of the coin is completely dependant on what the market decides for it at the time.


Whether you are getting the clan back together or you’re just strolling through for the first time, YeetScape is what you’ve always been looking for whether you knew it or not. It’s the pot of virtual gold end the end of the rainbow. From in game duels which allow players to stake against one another with fixed terms to Deep Wilderness multi-combat player-versus-player engagements, there are many ways to get your fix! The Duel Arena is a safe zone for new players. This is considered the starting hub and “betting” zone. Please beware of potential scams in this minigame, and always read the terms twice! A 1% tax will be implemented by the game on staked duels and will be placed back into the development pool which will go directly to paying for the server, onboarding new minds, and expanding our community! Without you, this is not possible. Your donations are appreciated!

Download latest Java from java.com + .jar file

Before you access our magickal world we encourage you to run a virus scan on both your computer and any files which you download. Our website and game are totally secure. All .jar files warn you prior to downloading them and this is common knowledge that you can research for yourself. We can assure you that our game is safe, and as long as you are as well your account and items will be as secure as you are. Release your inner child! Enjoy the game the way it was supposed to be enjoyed. You know, before the END OF COMBAT! If you don’t know, do your own research. Because the YeetScape environment is a product of a cryptocurrency, it is important to note that the server should be considered an 18+ activity. If you are a younger player who is excited about the game and the idea, why not go on over to RuneScape.com and make an account! Be sure to ask your parents or legal guardian before going online.

To get $WILDY tokens:
Sync/Buy at 1:1 ratio with a MetaMask Account

**Please note that you do not need to have any $WILDY to shop items in order to play our game. We do not charge any fees, and encourage all humans to come and enjoy our world. If you would like to get some $WILDY tokens in game at a 1:1 rate, or some exclusive shop items, A $WILDY(ERC-20) wallet (MetaMask) is required to access the crypto-related products and accessories that are being minted. If you are not familiar with cryptocurrency, please understand that this token act in a similar way to a stock on the stock market. The price is subject to change at any time, but the exchange rate will always remain the same. To acquire $WILDY, you must buy some $YEET. You cannot buy $WILDY directly with $ETH. $YEET can be be purchased through any of the cryptocurrencies on the https://wildy.yeet.dance website. You can find out more about these tokens on the token website.You can also provide liquidity pairs to earn $WILDY passively over time. We encourage you to Google “providing liquidity on Uniswap for farming rewards” if you are interested in doing that.

Collaboration Leads to Growth!

We want our community to understand that without them, none of this would have been possible. We want to cultivate a community that inspires one another to reach their full potential. We understand that the nature of this content can lead be habit-forming, but let’s face it: at the end of the day we are the only ones in control of ourselves. Enjoy the game responsibly! Also, scamming and cheating is a no-go. Any accounts caught abusing bugs or attempting to steal another person's assets will have their account disabled and their $WILDY YEETed into a special community wallet that will go back into production of the game and into community events that go back to the community. We will try our best to right any wrongs that these players may do but we cannot guarantee full reimbursement. We hope this bounty encourages reporting and discourages malicious behavior. With some skill and some luck, you can earn your share fair and square! Good luck, and have fun !