Download YeetScape

Latest version updated November 2nd


After virus scanning your own computer, click on the Download YeetScape link above and virus scan the .jar file then run it. When creating an account, we encourage you to use a password you would not use elsewhere. Please use a secure password. Two-factor authentication is not available yet. If you would like to change your password, you can do so in game by typing in “::changepassword (yourpasswordhere)” and pressing enter. Other players cannot see this in game, and a message will display confirming this.

Put your $WILDY where your mouth is! $YEET yourself into the YeetScape Universe and battle other players for personal bragging rights or for the ability to earn wealth beyond your WILDest dreams! This server is the home for the YeetScape economy. All rares and $WILDY tokens are only claimable with the $WILDY Cryptocurrency. Find out more information about $YEET and $WILDY buy heading on over to